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Welcome to the Salem Amateur Repeater Group
and the WA7ABU Repeaters.

Please bookmark this page to find the following items:

  • The 5/9/2020 WA7ABU - Salem Amateur Repeater Group - Chili Cook-off (a pdf file to list in January 2020) - A fun activity, allowing us to sample Chili and to meet other users of the local repeaters.
  • The WA7ABU and K7ATV repeaters
    145.29 MHz FM ~2000 feet - Silver Creek Falls, with alternate inputs using:
    >100Hz Beaver Creek
    >118.9 South Salem
    >110.0 Amity 9/2019
    I am considering other receive sites. I am trying to make it easy to use HT's with the 145.29 repeater.

    145.19 w/100 Hz tone - WA7ABU Repeater Site ~4000' near Gates
    444.950 MHz Yaesu Fusion & FM w/ 100 Hz tone - Silver Falls
    52.99 MHz FM w/ 100 tone - Silver Falls

  • Join the repeater support group K7ATV - the WA7ABU repeaters.
  • Files relating to subjects of the 529 Tech Nets.
  • IRLP - Echolink? - Check out the control panel and operating codes for IRLP & echolink.
  • Inexpensive digital SDR experiments - links to some helpful pages on SDR, a pdf page.
  • The ORRC coordinates Oregon's Repeaters - the ORRC website.
  • Fix your Yaesu WIRES problem without making permanent changes. Most non-fusion Yaesu radios will transmit tones that cut you out of repeaters for a few seconds. This can fix the problem. This chart with permission from listed site.
  • Hams must have towers! - some information that affects local hams wishing to install towers; please contribute local information sources.
  • A simple 2 element Quad - here is a great quad for use in bunny hunts or to just improve your HT performance.
  • Oregon Cell Phone Law - HB2597 - Hams that use Radio from the car might wish to print this page to avoid conflicts with local enforcement officers who are not informed of the right to use a radio while in motion. See page 4 line 32 and 33 for the Ham Radio reference.

    For Washington:5289-S.pdf

  • Digital Links - these links are to help local hams to find freeware software to use with digital soundcard modes.
  • Listen to the 145.29 and the 145.19 Salem/Willamette Valley repeaters here and on many scanner radio apps for the phone.

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